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This convict brick ring design was created with the intention of bringing back to life a convict brick resourced from the demolition of a dilapidated convict built outhouse. The shape and form are important aspects in the story that is associated with this piece. I wanted to preserve a piece of history, open up a conversation about the past while simultaneously showing respect to the original maker of the brick. The original maker being one of the many convicts who were transported to Tasmania, to colonize and build the island state to what it is today. By recycling the original convict brick which is imbued with the energy of the original maker, the piece is more a collaboration of the past craftsperson with myself. Tasmania’s convict history tells a story of crime, punishment, toil, endurance and survival in some of the severest, yet most beautiful environments in the world.


MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, Convict Brick, Resin

Convict Brick Ring

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