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Melissa Baldock is a Tasmanian born art jewellery maker. Some of her earliest childhood memories were of her participating in the visual arts disciplines in one way or another. Her background in horticulture and land conservation, combined with a love of stones and metal, has lead to her looking at the natural environment and its, landscape, symbolism and aesthetics for inspiration. She now creates jewellery pieces from her studio located on her 50 acre property in the hills of Snug.  She makes one-off pieces, along with limited editions and production pieces in her art practice.


She relishes in the making process and prefers to use traditional jewellery making techniques over more modern jewellery making applications.  She commonly uses copper alloys such as sterling silver, shibuichi and shakudo, or mixed metals like mokume gane in an innovative way for their ability to oxidize and form their own unique palette of organic earthy colours that compliment her designs.  Little silhouettes from nature are often found in her work; each being cut using a hand held jewellers saw, creating intricate lines and shadows.  Her signature pieces depict silhouettes of local eucalyptus species.   


Her intention is to create meaningful pieces of jewellery, which are a reflection of her home state, and a reminder of the preciousness of our natural environment. 

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